Why Do People Say PC gaming is Better?

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 14, 2020


There are various reasons why PC gaming is better. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Graphics

PC games offer better graphic quality that console or mobile gaming. If you’re lucky to have a PC with powerful specs — that is if your PC can handle 60 FPS on 1080 screen — then you’ll definitely have a great gaming experience.

Unfortunately for console gaming, only a few games offer this kind of resolution since most of them only offer 60 FPS at 720P.

2. Availability of games

When it comes to the availability of games, PC gaming offers countless games than mobile and console. Even for newly-released games, developers often make it available first on PC than in consoles or mobile. Although there are games that are specifically made for mobile, there are still ways where you can access it on PC. One example would be Games.lol site, where you can download a plethora of mobile games so you can play it straight from your PC. It’s easy to download and it’s free.

3. Flexibility of upgrade

When it comes to upgradability, you have more flexible options in PC. In consoles, you can only buy the device as a set. Although the design changes on every version that will be released, you can’t customize other parts of it. However, for PC, you can absolutely change or assemble each part like the RAM, graphics card, CPU, or even the CPU cover.

There’s still a more reasons to discuss why PC gaming is better. But despite all of these reasons, one fact remains — choosing which gaming platform is best depends on your preference.

But for me, I’m more of a PC gamer myself, given the fact that I can play mobile and console games straight from my PC.