Which Is The Better Poker Game: World Series Of Poker Or Zynga Poker?

Game Controls

If you ask us, we prefer the game controls in Zynga Poker. They look lovely, they are easy to understand, and they are easy to use. Playtika’s WSOP has the right powers, though, but we feel there is room for improvement. Until then, Zynga Poker has better game controls.


Zynga Poker features bigger cards so that you can see them better. Plus, it gives you the feel of a real poker table. But that is not to say WSOP is shabby. Playtika’s card game also gives that beautiful green table took, which is accessible on the eyes. However, our verdict is in favor of Zynga Poker. The overall graphics simply look better, in our opinion.

Sound Effects

We can’t say one is better than the other in this department. They are equal in having generic sounds, so neither edges out the other. Also, we don’t think the sound effects or music add more value to an otherwise fantastic game. So for this round, we deem its a tie. There is not much in contention here since the sound effects of both games are common. Nothing new that is worthy of consideration.

Poker Game Options

Zynga Poker offers Texas Hold ’em card games. On the other hand, WSOP also has Texas Hold ’em card games. But here lies the kicker, among many others. While both games have fast game speed on their tables, the variance lies in the number of players they can accommodate. Zynga Poker has two sizes of meals that can seat a maximum of five and nine people. On the other hand, WSOP tables only have a maximum capacity of up to nine players.

Game Events

WSOP features many game events and several game modes. On the other hand, Zynga Poker only offers a few activities and little game modes available. So the apparent winner in this round is WSOP. To be fair, Zynga stepped up in their recent game events. However, it would have been nicer if they are more than they deliver. Zynga’s poker events are pretty much bland and tend to be boring.


WSOP features clubs while Zynga has leagues. So what does this mean? With clubs, you only compete with people in that group. You move and down on the leaderboard in that organization only. In effect, it does not offer much competition since you will be playing only among yourselves in that club.


Zynga Poker and WSOP are both great games, and we play these two. But the other game offers more fun and variety. However, if you are looking for more events and competition, WSOP is the game for you.



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