What’s The Best MOBA Right Now?

There are actually a lot of great MOBA games out there in the market, so, i’ll just give you my top 5 most recommended MOBA games for this year 2020.

  • Mobile Legends: one of the most popular MOBA games out there. Most stuff about the game is top-notch. It follows the mechanics of DOTA but it features a battle royale mode.
  • Smite: In this game, you can choose from over 100 characters with customization. All characters are derived from all gods and goddesses of every mythology out there. You will play in a third-person perspective. Two teams of five players each will battle in the arena and the goal is to kill the other team’s ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Titan’.
  • Heroes of Storm: characters pulled from across StarCraft, Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch and dropped into this All-Star mashup game. There are no items in the game players can only choose upgrades for each character’s abilities as they level up, allowing them to focus on utility, hardiness, or damage. Each character has two ultimate abilities that can be activated during a single match. The game features a variety of maps as well, with unique objectives.
  • League of Legends: most popular in the MOBA genre. All players in the match start on the same footing, it’ll be up to the player to advance their skills and acquire better items. You will need to battle your way through and destroy the other team’s nexus; which is the goal of the game.
  • Strife: One of the MOBA games with the smallest number of characters or hero offering. There are only 34 characters to choose from but it doesn’t mean that it has very little to offer.Two teams of players will battle against each other, with the main goal of destroying the other team’s structure; ‘the Crux’. A player will choose a hero to use within the game’s running time, more or less 30–40 minutes.



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