What Was It Like Playing Video Games in The 90s?

Abbey Freehill
1 min readOct 13, 2020


When you hear 90s video games, what comes to your mind? The classic ones probably. Games like Super Mario or Mortal Kombat.

You probably heard your uncles or older cousins brag about their good old times, playing video games in the 90s. Perhaps bragging about their high scores in NES and SNES. And then there was the CD-based craze. Of course, that all changed because video games evolve super fast.

One of the main differences between today and the 90s was the internet. Sure, you an argue there was dial-up, but still, there’s a huge difference between then and now. And let’s not get started with WiFi and mobile gaming. Who would have imagined, at that time, anyone can play video games anywhere on their phones?

And when you get stuck in a game, finding cheat codes is really difficult. You’ll have to consult a magazine or ask friends; there was none of that Google stuff back in the day.

The 90s were something. Definitely fun and inventive as video games when through different evolutions.