What is The Best Stimulation Game Till Now?

Simulation games are often a breather for most people who are stuck on a daily routine in life. These video games can make you do worldly things virtually. So if you are not a pilot in real life and you dream of flying a plane, simulation games can make that dream come true — in the virtual world that is. There are a lot of popular simulation games such as Capitalism 2, Nitro Wheelie, Universe Sandbox 2, Euro Truck 2 and of course, the Sims franchise.

The Sims is a classic and remains a favorite among different audiences. This simulation game does not only allow the player to create something in the virtual world, but to build relationships and project different personalities as well. Simulations here would include driving a train, flying a plane or even operate construction sites. The possibilities are endless that’s why a lot of people are still hooked to this game until now.



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