What Game Has The Best Graphics in 2020?

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 12, 2020

In terms of being a visually stunning experience, Ghost of Tsushima has to be one of best-looking games in 2020. Its lush and vivid landscape just reels you in, and all the sights and sounds of its world just makes you want to immerse yourself in it.

From foothills that have acres and acres of white pampas grass that sway along with the ever-present wind, the gradual change of weather from sunny to gloomy and thunderous rainfall, up to the snow-capped mountains and scorched areas of the island, the whole isle of Tsushima just begs you to explore every nook and cranny it has, and you, the gamer, will be giddy to do so.

Moreover, the magnificent world of Ghost of Tsushima also blends itself during tense battle scenes — when you’re challenging Mongols on the trail or stealthily destroying their bases, you can hop into Photo Mode at any time to capture every pulse-pounding moment that adds to your collection of impressive and awe-inspiring Samurai photos for your album. You can even snap a quick photo while you’re mid-battle with Mongols, zooming in to get that perfect shot before you continue dealing swift samurai justice onto them.

Ghost of Tsushima definitely lets you live out your Samurai fantasy perfectly in-game while you traverse and explore its wonderfully majestic world. Such is the power of excellent role-playing games. If you want similarly immersive games, you can check out Games.lol. They have tons of fun RPG titles in their extensive game library that you can download and play for free.