What Are Some Really Good Strategies For PUBG?

One of the best battle royale games in the century, PUBG has one essential goal: survival. Being on stealth at times during the game may seem boring but it helps a player prolong his existence. To be successful in this game, you have to master all the basic controls and techniques. One tip is if you want to move fast, put your weapon away. It is way more convenient to run when you are not carrying anything. PUBG is a very sensitive game, so if you want to creep or walk without your enemies noticing you, remove your shoes.

Always secure the most important things in the game: healing items, bulletproof vest, ARs, helmet and a backpack. Another good strategy is to always close a door after entering one. This won’t give your enemies an idea that you have been there already. When on the move, don’t ever stay still as this will give your enemy a solid chance to give you a headshot. During a battle with many enemies, focus on those who are still capable of attacking you rather than those whom you already injured. Don’t forget that fall damage can be very critical to your health. So be careful in jumping on very high buildings as the higher the fall, the greater the damage.



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