What Are Some of the Most Popular Online Multiplayer Games?

1. Valorant

This newly-released FPS game from Riot Games has definitely got the attention of many gamers. Although we have become familiar of this type of game, this game sets apart from the others. That is because the characters aren’t just using plain guns and melees. However, each of them have special abilities which you can maximize to beat opponents effectively. Plus, gameplay is easy and controls are beginner-friendly, too.

2. Fortnite

Despite being released by Epic Games 3 years ago, this game is still among the most popular online multiplayer games today. Besides the popular battle royale concept used in the game, what makes Fortnite different is the building mechanics. Apart from that, the game also has an easy gameplay and the high quality, cartoonish graphics are highly attractive.

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

When it comes to multiplayer battle royale games, PUBG still remains at the top of list. Of course, while would the game topple down when it is, in fact, the original game that made the battle royale genre that phenomenal? Although, personally, it isn’t aesthetically pleasing compared to Fortnite, but if you prefer a game that’s more realistic and has the best graphics, you might go for PUBG.

PUBG is originally played on mobile. But now, you can play it on PC.



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Abbey Freehill

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