What Are Some Good House Designs in Minecraft?

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 13, 2020


There are lots of good house designs in Minecraft. The best part is they all come in different styles — simple bunkhouse and treehouses to luxurious modern house designs.

I’m going to show you pictures of some of the best house designs from other Minecraft players.

Wooden House

If you want to build a wooden house with a modern touch, check out this house design by YouTuber Folli. Even the interiors match the house’s outdoor design — they are dominantly wooden pieces of furniture.

Suburban House

If you prefer a large suburban house, you can check out this Minecraft house design by YouTuber Rizzial. It’s even complete with a garage and a porch.

Modern House

If you’re into modern houses that dominantly uses glass walls, then check out this wonderfully-made modern house from YouTuber JINTUBE. It’s even complete with indoor pond, modern fireplace, Jacuzzi, and more.

Oak Wood House

Now, here’s a large oak wood house from YouTuber SheepGG. Just like the name, the house is mostly made from oak — oak planks, oak stairs, oak logs, etc.

There are still many great house designs in Minecraft. You can get inspiration from these builds or you can make one from your own imagination.

If you plan to build one, play Minecraft straight from your PC. Visit the Minecraft fansite from Games.lol, download the game, and voila! You can now play Minecraft on your PC for free.