Valorant Online Game: The Competitive Roles Of The Agents

Abbey Freehill
7 min readAug 18, 2020

Playing some PC games is undoubtedly a challenging thing, especially when it’s a tactical multiplayer game. It’s not only about knowing how the game works but also in creating a strategy to win. Some players even try to immerse themselves in watching a lot of streams to help them upscale in the next match. There are thousands of games today available for you to play online, but one of the most trending first-person shooting matches that you can try is Valorant.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, most players switch from playing CSGO to Valorant. The reason behind that matter is not only because the game is “new” but because it has a lot more features to offer. For instance, when Riot games released Valorant, it instantly became a hit. The thing about it is you are not only able to kill your opponent with one shot, but with added abilities. This feature made the game even more interactive and challenging to the perspective of each player, specifically those people who are new to the gaming industry.

Well, who wouldn’t want to have healing power? An ability to transport? Or spot your enemy with some bots? If this kind of thing interests you the most, then Valorant will catch your attention. However, with a lot of people playing the game today, it is essential to let yourself get familiarized with all the agent’s roles in the game. It will help you a lot in achieving a flawless round or an ace together with your team. If you’re more curious about how these agent roles go, why not scroll down this post for more?

The Agent’s Role in the Gameplay

Mastering a skill in first-person shooting games is hard. You need to go through a lot of matches and have a keen instinct to detect your opponent. But just like in any game, if you fully understand and know what your role is, you can accomplish your mission without any doubt. In Valorant, there are different agent roles that you need to acknowledge before going overboard into the battlefield. And knowing these roles will be essential in your performance as each agent has their unique abilities. If you’d like, you can take down some guides below for you to become 100% ready before striking the play button.

Generally speaking, the agents are broken down into four role categories: The Duelist, The Initiators, The Controllers, and the Sentinels. Now, these roles are listed down into more specific and specialized positions like Support, Entry Fragger, IGL (In-game Leader), Lurker, Crowd Control, and Recon. Take note that each of these roles depends on the abilities of the agent and the capacity that they can bring into the match.

The Duelists

Duelist plays one of the most vital roles in the gameplay. It’s not only because they carry and deal the most damage in the team, but they also need to be a proactive and attentive player during the match. Mostly, this kind of role is expected to obtain the most number of kills and perform proper execution during the competition. Besides, duelists also fulfill the purpose of being an entry fragger. They are the ones who usually enter the map and engage with the opponent first before anyone else. This thing leads the duelist’s players in performing high-risk with a massive reward action to gain an advantage.

Playing a duelist’s role in Valorant requires you to have strong leadership and aim skills. It is also anticipated for you to maximize your potential through your abilities to dominate the opposing team. With that, if you think you possess the ability to be self-sufficient and aggressive, then being a Duelist must be your role.

The Duelists: Jett, Phoenix, Rage, and Reyna

The Valorant Controllers

One of the significant roles that you might also want to take is being the controller in the team. These kinds of players are responsible for controlling the sightlines on the map through their smokescreen abilities. This kind of matter enables Controllers to provide and cover for their teammates as they manage to control an area.

Furthermore, controllers are also known to be lurkers and the second entry fragger. If you choose this kind of role in the game, you are required to guard against the enemy flanks and slowly move around the map to provide information on the opposing side. Eventually, lurkers must have the value of being attentive at all times. You need to take note that this role usually takes a different kind of path with the team for some surprise strategies towards the enemy.

Controllers can be deadly as much as they can. That’s even possible when the agent that you choose does not only possess one role capability around the gameplay. One of the best agents for being a controller or a lurker is Omen. With the ultimate skill, he can quickly spot the enemy’s from the backline by transporting himself into a different location on the map. On the other hand, controllers as the Second Entry Fragger acts into using their abilities for guiding their team by using bombsites. The agents who use this kind of strategy are Brimstone and Viper.

The Controllers: Brimstone, Omen, and Viper

The Sentinels

If you’ve been playing Valorant for quite some time, then you might have heard a lot of players taking the role of the Sentinels. Aside from the fact that their abilities are superb, they are necessarily helpful with the teamplay’s strategies. The current Sentinels in Valorant are Sage, Cypher, and the recent agent joining the role, Killjoy.

This kind of role must portray an excellent defensive skills in manipulating the battlefield. Because of this, they mostly roam around the map to get information and enable the enemy to slow down its movements to assist your team. Mostly, Sentinels gets treated as the in-game leader (IGL) of the gameplay. If you tried picking an agent with this role, your primary task is to outline the overall team strategy and to sync each team’s movements within the map.

Moreover, As an IGL, initiating the communication between each player is one of the things that you should keep in mind during the gameplay. Your mission is to assure that each role of your team functions and performs well. Sentinels can also take part in being a support agent in the team. The best agent that you can call for Sentinel in being support is a Sage. With her ultimate skill, she can heal a teammate when injured or even re-spawn someone when killed.

Although Sentinels have a considerable role in accomplishing, it is not expected for them to score well in the match. Thus, this role’s primary purpose is to make their team shine while supporting everyone in the gameplay.

The Sentinels: Cypher, Sage, and Killjoy

The Valorant Initiator

Initiators portray one of the unique abilities in Valorant. Their skill majorly helps the team in gathering information and performing some crowd control matters in-game. Of course, one of the popular agents as Initiator is Sova. His bow and drone abilities enable him to recon the areas where the opponent is hiding and sends this data to the team.

For instance, it is not only Sova who belong in this category. Agent Breach also uses his ability to disrupt opponents and flush out locations from relative safety. With that kind of technique, he’s a right call for supporting crowd control. Initiators surely bring a lot of contributions to the team, especially when all the information gathered is accurate. Additionally, incorporating this role can easily let the defensive playstyle of a Controller and Sentinel gain more performance.

The Initiators: Breach and Sova

Choosing the Best Role in the Game

Overall, selecting the most suited role for your gameplay will help your time reach the victory in the end. With all the functions listed above, identifying your agent might not be that hard. However, mastering each skill will still be one of the most effective ways to win. So, if you think that you’re good at leading people, then try to have a Duelist as an agent.

In the end, all members play a vital role in the match. But the thing that will help your team move up is instilling the values of team play, coordination, and communication. So, what are you waiting for now? Launch Valorant on your PC! Go ahead and team up for victory in Valorant with your friends! Make sure that you’ll keep up with all these guides and choose the best agent for you!

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