Useful Feature in Minecraft That Isn’t Well Known?

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 12, 2020

Here are some features that I have discovered before and have used myself (proven efficient) in Minecraft.

Fishing: Players tend to look at this as a useless thing in Minecraft. You can spend at least 10 minutes fishing and you will walk away with some pretty awesome stuff. You can also go swimming and find treasure underwater.


  1. You can easily dig sand and gravel using this instead of a shovel. This is much more effective. They can hold them up as well.
  2. They can create temporary air pockets under water
  3. They can help you when you’re running low on blocks. You can place a block next to a torch and it will hold it for you, no need to put a block underneath it.


  1. You only need two buckets of water to create an infinite water source.
  2. As a lawn mower. Save your time clearing a large area of grass, just spill a bucket of water over the grass and it will do the job.
  3. You can use it to save you from a fall.
  4. You can climb anywhere using water by throwing it upwards.
  5. Use water and milk to clear bad omen effect of pillagers

Ladder / Sign: They can stop flowing lava or water.

Creative Mode Middle Click: You can acquire the object you are directly looking at in Creative mode just by clicking the scroll wheel. Whatever you are looking at will be added to your inventory.

Peaceful Mode: If you aren’t in the mood to deal with hostile mobs, you can go to difficulty setting and then pick peaceful mode. This also helps regenerate health and the hunger bar.

Subtitles: It displays text corresponding to the sound around you. This will help you get away or know what danger is near by. Also, useful if you are looking for specific things. It also indicates the direction of the sound.

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