Top Free PC FPS Games

PC is never short when it comes to awesome First Person Shooter (FPS) games. From established shooters to more recent titles, you can discover just the right FPS that would scratch that itchy trigger finger of yours. Here’s a quick list of excellent and free-to-play FPS games available on PC right now:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


One of the long-standing FPS titles around, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the granddaddy of modern shooters for the PC. CS:GO has a thriving eSports scene to go along with a lot of online players which means you’ll always find a match and snipe the opposition.



Created by Riot Games, the developers famous for League of Legends, Valorant is their take on the FPS genre. Valorant pits two 5-person teams against one another as they choose their Agents who each have unique abilities at the players’ disposal.

Call of Duty: Warzone


Another well-known FPS franchise, Call of Duty: Warzone sends players in a battle royale-esque team fight with other players. If you want to experience a battle royale-type game with a Call of Duty twist, then this game is worth trying out.

Apex Legends

If you want a different kind of battle royale, you should check Apex Legends out. Players get to pick a shooter that possesses unique abilities as they team up with one another or go solo until they become the last person or team standing after the ensuing firefight clears.

These are some of the great free FPS games for PC. You can also check out for other excellent, fun and free shooter games.



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