Top Five Favourite Games of This Decade

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 7, 2020

When it comes to games, I have a lot that I remember I have played over the decade. Only a few of them are my favorites, and luckily, there are more than five of them. Here are exactly five of those games that might interest you if you haven’t played them yet:

  1. Roblox — I only started playing Roblox about five years ago, and I got hooked pretty quickly. My friends and I would always play the game, especially if we are looking for something exciting to play with! There are thousands of games made by other players that you can enjoy for free.
  2. Final Fantasy XV — This action role-playing game is another favorite of mine. I first started with Final Fantasy X, and I never got over the gameplay and Titus. So after discovering this franchise, I fell in love with FF all over again.
  3. The Sims — When it comes to simulation games, The Sims is always my number one. Nothing could beat how they try to incorporate real-life problems and choices in this game.
  4. PUBG — I’m not a huge FPS player, but this one is different because I get to play on a battlefield full of other players trying to kill each other. So this is fun but stressful at the same time.
  5. The Last of Us — I love post-apocalyptic games themed because I’m a doomsday fanatic. So The Last of Us is definitely another favorite because of its gameplay and zombies do not plague it, but infected people. So it’s a bit unique.

Here are my top five favorite video games. I’m sure you are familiar with The Last of Us, if not, you should try playing it!