Teamfight Tactics Vs. Dota Underlords: Which Game Is The Best?

Abbey Freehill
6 min readAug 19, 2020


Auto battler games have dominated the online gaming community ever since it was launched. This type of game genre is also commonly known as auto chess games. It seems an easy game to play since you won’t technically engage in a fight. However, performing an auto battler game requires you to think ahead and plan a strategy that will work until the end. Its gameplay demands the players to draft and place the characters on the grid-shaped battlefield. But that’s only during the preparation phase. The first match starts when all of the selected characters began fighting until one team falls out.

As of today, there are a lot of auto battler games that you can freely play and download together with your friends. And two of the most favored auto chess games right now are Dota Underlods and Teamfight Tactics. If you’ve been playing DOTA and League of Legends for a long time, then making yourself familiar with these games won’t be that hard. But since these two games have almost the same features, deciding which is the best might be challenging.

So, to finally distinguish which game is the greatest, let’s try to discuss the points in this post. Setting the bars from the gameplay down to the technique will certainly help to choose the best auto battler game. Let’s go and discover how everything works!

Auto Battler Gameplay

Before jumping through the main event, let’s first take a quick shift on the gameplay itself. This thing will enable you to support your performance, especially if it’s your first time trying an auto chess game.

The game started with matching several players and pairing them off randomly on each round. At the beginning of each match, you need to choose several units that you would like to place on the board set on the battlefield. Also, take note that you can combine these units in creating more potent versions of the same component. There is also a specific type of group in which you can get bonuses for being on the same ground at the same time. After everything is settled, these units fight along with one another with no player input implied.

After all the rounds are set, all units will then return to their original positions, and each player will start setting up the characters again to get ready for the next wave. In case you lose in the first match, don’t worry because your entire gameplay will not be affected. Thus, you will only lose health points assigned to your character as this enables other units unaffected and damaged. So, if you think that everything is over after your first try, you are wrong about that matter.

So, whoever player defeats their opponent selection of units and becomes the last man standing, will automatically be hailed as the winner.

The Best Auto Battler Game

Although both of this game happens to have the same game strategy, there’s still a lot more things to discover. To reach the victory that you’re aiming for, here’s a guide for you to decide which auto chess game is the most suited for you.

Teamfight Tactics

This auto battler game is known to be the most simple match to play among all the games. Teamfight Tactics is initially created by Riot Games with a League of Legends theme. It is best suggested to try if you have been playing LOL as you will surely have a significant advantage over time. Teamfight Tactics mainly have a more straightforward draft pool comparison that enables you to easily combined characters into a more potent force.

Moreover, it offers 50 roster units that will enable you to see several copies of a unique champion in the shop. The matches of Teamfight Tactics are also shorter than other auto chess game. It only takes about 25–45 minutes for players to fight over the victory. The board shape of the battlefield is made of cells in a diagonal position. However, its board size is smaller as compared to other games. So, trying to select range characters has a significant advantage compared to the other units. It is safe to say the Teamfight Tactics is more random compared to Underlords. The thing about this is that there are moments that you will get heavy items, and there are times that you don’t.

Overall, Teamfight Tactics provides a good match with its simple gameplay and features. If you want to play an auto chess game with less hassle and uncomplicated features, then download and get Teamfight Tactics now on your PC.

Dota Underlods

If you’ve played Auto Chess Mod before, then you’ll probably have an idea of how Dota Underlods goes. It is the game sequel of the Auto Chess Mod wherein specific changes have been made. Still, if you got some grasp of it, you’ll surely know how to strategize the match. Dota Underlods has 60 units of a roster with 14 standard units in the gameplay.

The good thing about playing this game is that it is easy for you to build your hero’s synergy. This matter enables you to gain more tools and achieve your team’s performance. Playing Dota Underlods will take you and your friends for about 40 minutes long. However, the developers are looking towards having a mode like “turbo,” which enables the players to enjoy shorter rounds.

Also, item combination in Underlords can only hold one item for each player. But, you are free to move the units for every given round. Item gains in the match are also standardized in every game. So, that means that the items that you will choose are still on a random point. Obviously, the game is wholly lacking some of the features from its original mod. Although this kind of thing happens, Valve (game developer) said that players should expect a lot of progression from the match down to the heroes that you’re going to use in the game.

And, if you’ll try to look at their official site, they have improved some mechanics in the game and hero as well. They majorly fix some errors and bugs that certainly most players encounter in the game. All in all, Dota Underlods qualifies to be one of the best auto battler games as it possesses a lot of excellent features for you to try.

The Verdict

Overall, both of the games plays a different kind of role in auto chess games. One runs through simple gameplay, and the other provides a challenging game to experience. Either way, the decision is in your hands in the end. Some players go with the game that they mostly have experienced, like playing DOTA or League of Legends. This kind of thing will enable you to maximize all the knowledge that you already have in mind and apply it to the new game you’re trying. If you’d like, you can try downloading both of this game and compare it on your own.

Still, the game becomes better when you play the match with your friends and loved ones. Who knows? They might be the ones to help you decide which one is the most suitable game for you. So, don’t wait for something else now and download Teamfight Tactics or Dota Underlods on your PC.

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