Switch And Switch V2 Review: What Are The Differences?


From the get-go, the variance is apparent from the specs. The new version features upgraded processors, which means power efficiency and extended battery life. The first-generation hardware has a battery life of up to 6.5 hours. On the other hand, the new V2 claims to give you up to 9 hours of power. So, for you to test the power efficiency of both units, the screen brightness was up at 100 percent. The sleep timers were also off during this battery test. So what’s the result? The original version lasted for three hours and 30 minutes, while the V2 ran close to five hours. That’s a considerable difference in battery life, don’t you think? But is it worth making the switch to another Switch? Let us look at the other points of comparison.

Switch Design

Both consoles are virtually identical. Perhaps the only glaring difference between the two is the fresh look of the Joy-Cons. But if you want to look closer, you will notice the new model number on the upgraded hardware. That’s for the exterior.


Speaking of Joy-Cons, perhaps the only difference between the two on this aspect is the placement of the antenna. If you remove the cover from the new hardware, you will notice its antenna’s new location. Now, the purpose behind this is to improve connectivity. With the new console’s Joy-Cons, users reported fewer to none connectivity issues compared to the original model.

Switch Screen

Did you know Sharp is working with Nintendo in creating Switch panels? Not sure if the Sharp screen is now on the upgraded switch. But there seems to be a difference between the two models. At a glance, you may see a slightly brighter screen for the V2. Plus, it gives off a warm color compared to the original model’s screen. However, it takes a closer look to spot the variance. Otherwise, both screens are virtually identical as well.

Should You Make the Switch from Original to V2?

You will get more out of the new hardware. Better battery life, improved gameplay performance, and other hybrid abilities are just some of the benefits. But migrating is a hassle; this is perhaps one of the most significant factors why people forego the move to V2. The process of moving the saved games from one system to another can get complicated. Plus, Nintendo deletes all data when switching from the original. Other than that, the V2 is an impressive console.



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