Some Facts About PUBG That Only Pro Players Know

  • You can use a SMG while you’re on a two-wheeler vehicle.
  • The back of the buggy is bulletproof.
  • You can inflict damage on players while they are hiding even if you just hit the visible part. This includes hitting their backpack.
  • Bullet drop exists in PUBG, so keep in mind that if you are firing from a distance, there are instances that you would miss the headshot even if you are aiming for the head.
  • Some places in the game look realistic because they are based in real locations.
  • Cheaters and Hackers will be banned for 100 years, YES, 100 YEARS.
  • Aiming for the head while shooting in with a low damage gun will multiply damage by 2.5
  • You can heal yourself underwater.




I play and write all about games, from Mobile to PC.

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Abbey Freehill

Abbey Freehill

I play and write all about games, from Mobile to PC.

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