Rules of Survival vs PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: A Brief Comparison

Since 2017, action-shooter games have gone more mainstream than ever before. With the popularity of PUBG and Fortnite hitting the most viewed games on Twitch and one of the most talked-about games on Twitter and YouTube, a lot of game developers wanted a piece of the pie.

Battle Royale became the “it” game for action shooter fans everywhere. The trend may have died in late 2019, but there are still millions of players spending their time in this shooter sub-genre.

Currently, there are 3 major battle royale games with the most population, each of which with vast gameplay elements: PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. PUBG is more of a “realistic” type of shooter, borrowing almost the same aspects from the ARMA mod.

On the other hand, Fortnite focuses more on a cartoony type of gameplay with Minecraft-like building mechanics which may or may not be the biggest selling point for many mainstream players. Lastly, Apex Legends is a hero-based battle royale set in the same universe and pacing of the Titanfall universe.

However, for this topic, we will be focusing on 3 very similar battle royale games: PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, and Garena Free Fire.

PUBG vs Rules of Survival, RoS vs PUBG, PUBG Mobile vs Rules of Survival, or Free Fire vs PUBG, it doesn’t matter how you want to address this topic. We will be briefly breaking down each of them.

Why PUBG vs Rules of Survival vs Free Fire?

The Developers and Publishers of PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival and Free Fire


Tencent Gaming used the same resources of the PC version and compressed the major files to make it accessible and playable on mobile. Hence, PUBG Mobile was created. To this day, it is one of the most downloaded mobile games ever.

Garena Free Fire

Again, the game is also similar to PUBG, yet there are millions of active players monthly, especially in the SEA region. According to various review sites, Free Fire’s rating is one of the highest scores in terms of accessibility for F2P players.

Rules of Survival

1. Gameplay

As it turns out, this gameplay became a hit among Twitch streamers and common players alike. Not only is it intense in many ways, but it is also fun to watch too. Alas, the wave of battle royale games came rushing down the gaming community, each being a carbon copy of Minecraft Hunger Games — the original battle royale.

2. Primary Game Modes

3. Other Game Modes


Zombies is a survival game mode where a few players start as zombies, with the goal to infect other players on the map as soon as possible. As a zombie player, you can soak up more damage and you can also run faster. But in this mode, human players have more ammo and have more access to weapons compared in Classic or Ranked Mode.

Deathmatch has spawning. The first team to get more kill points wins! On the other hand, War is a faction type game mode where it’s 50 vs 50 without spawning. And lastly, Event Mode depends on what the publisher wants to host. Sometimes it’s a Valentine’s Day special with double XP, or you get to fight werewolves and vampires on Halloween.

* Ranked
* Unranked
* Zombies
* Deathmatch

Garena Free Fire

Rampage is more of a Domination mode where a team must hold A, B, and C points. The attacking team should clear out the enemy team that is holding these points so they can capture it. The first team to get the most points wins!
Another game mode is Rush Hour where the Ring is smaller and has a maximum of 20 players. The last one to survive is the winner.

* Ranked
* Classic
* Rampage
* Rush Hour

Rules of Survival

In brief, these modes include Train, Krazy Mode PLUS, Hero Clash, Score Royale, Ranked Ultra, Blitzkrieg, Epic Clash 2.0, Death Race Mode, Dog Fight, Zombie Trial and Firefight. To be frank, not every game mode is full of players so you might have to choose only the most popular ones like Hero Clash, Train, and Blitzkrieg.

* Ranked
* Train
* Krazy Mode PLUS
* Hero Clash
* Score Royale
* Ranked Ultra
* Blitzkrieg
* Epic Clash 2.0
* Death Race Mode
* Dog Fight
* Zombie Trial
* Firefight

All 3 games also include custom game modes that you can host.

4. Weapons

Every weapon has its recoil, rate of fire, ammo types, and suitable attachments that you can mix and match throughout the game.

However, the most distinct weapons among them are the melee weapons. PUBG has a pan, sickle, machete, and a crowbar. Free Fire includes a parang, katana, a bat, and also a pan. RoS has a crowbar, Damascus knife, and the infamous rubber chicken.

5. Combat


The weapons are based on bullet drop — which means it takes some time before your shots hit the target, thanks to velocities based on the weapons you carry. If you are sniping from long range, you will need to fiddle with the scope and the travel distance of the bullet. This actually provides a more authentic feel per weapon.

* Realistic gunplay
* Authentic shooting
* Can be FPS mode or TPS mode

Free Fire

The biggest difference here is the inclusion of classes. It has a bit of a similarity to Apex Legends where players can choose from a roster of characters, each with their buffs and power-ups that they can use to their advantage in the game.

* Casual shooting
* Has aim assist
* Includes heroes with unique skills
* Can be FPS mode or TPS mode
* Victory motto: “BOOYAH! SHOWTIME.”

Rules of Survival

  • Fast-paced shooting
    * Includes heroes in some game modes
    * Semi-futuristic design
    * Can be FPS mode or TPS mode
    * Victory motto: “SAVAGE!”

6. Number of Players

For PUBG total players, you have a maximum of 100 players. For Rules of Survival, 120 players. And for Free Fire, just 50 players.

You might think more players means better, right? Well, yes and no. More players mean more bot fluff in a game yet lesser players also mean closer encounters. I’ll help you understand those better in the next portions.

Max Players Per Team

PUBG and Free Fire let you play up to 4 players per team while RoS allows up to 5 players. Before you start a match, you have 3 choices: solo, duo, or squad/quad. These are self-explanatory.

7. Maps

Free Fire has Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Bermuda is the equivalent to PUBG’s Erangel, except the Ring movement is faster. Purgatory and Kalahari are much smaller and more ideal for 50 players. Each map happens to have more player encounters compared to PUBG and RoS.

On the other hand, RoS only has two maps: Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiord. Ghillie Island is exactly like Erangel, except for the addition of futuristic buildings and vehicles. Also, this map has weather and day/night cycles, which is great for dynamic gameplay! Fearless Fiord is more arcade-like, which makes it ideal for very fast player encounters.

8. Visuals and Presentation

Among the 3 games, PUBG Mobile is the most visually impressive. It may not look as grand as PUBG on PC, but it still looks really good for mobile and low-end PCs. The maps also look spectacular and the guns are highly-detailed.

Free Fire comes next with a few hiccups here and there. It has some impressive shading and hero designs, plus great ADS details too.

RoS is alright. It’s not exactly impressive, but it’s not terrible either. However, the semi-futuristic design of its characters, sceneries, weapons, and vehicles gives it a unique identity.

9. Sounds

10. Player Activity

Summary: Which is the Best?

I can’t tell you which of the 3 suits you better. That depends on you. However, I will give you an insight for each so you know what to pick. If you like semi-realistic shooting with great sound design, play PUBG. If you prefer casual matches with games that only last 10 to 15 minutes tops, play Free Fire. And if you like crazy content and lots of player encounters, play RoS.

How to Download and Play

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