Play Your Part, Play At Home: Check Out All The Free To Play Games From Ubisoft

Games are great if you want to be entertained for days and hours on end. Several gaming companies have decided to give away a bunch of free games to encourage people to stay at home-and Ubisoft is one of them!

Since March, people all over the world have been told to stay home 24/7. But it did not last a week before a lot of us realized that this is hard to do. People got bored of being cooped while waiting for the pandemic to be over. Many of us eventually turned to hobbies like baking, planting, and most especially-gaming. Below were some of the free Ubisoft games that were made available in their platform, Uplay, within the last 3 to 4 months.

Rayman Legends

The game introduces a whole lot of fun new levels and a bunch of creative twists. From very engaging gameplay to awesome mini-games and great music, this game can easily be a favorite. Although it might be old, it is still one of the best platformers since Super Mario World. It is an upbeat game that just keeps getting better.

Child of Light

It has a well-designed challenging turn-based combat that makes timing as a key element in its battle system. The game’s amusing hand-crafted art style with the captivating soundtrack is what makes it stand out the most. Its well-animated, dreamy, watercolor painted visual is something that you would not want to miss.

Assassin’s Creed 2

So, how did it outplay its predecessor? Its improved graphics and storyline allowed players to explore the well-crafted and richly detailed locations of Rome, Florence, and Venice. It gave life to Renaissance history with all the historical figures which made the game’s experience better than the first one. Gameplay-wise, it also took a great leap with its simulated parkour, stalking, and scaling stunts.

Watch Dogs 2

This installment also introduced new features such as drones to help you scope locations and hack electronics that are beyond reach. Overall, it is an exciting and engaging game with thrilling escapes that will keep players on their toes.

Ubisoft offered Watch Dogs 2 for free for those who tuned in to watch their event, Ubisoft Forward, held on July 13. However, some fans have not claimed the giveaway yet due to technical issues.

If you missed out on all these amazing free games, don’t worry. Just make sure to check the Ubisoft Free Events site for more offers and deals in the future.

Originally published at on July 23, 2020.

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