Phantasy Star Online 2: The Timeless MMO

The Harmonic Balance In the ARKS Fleet

PSO2 Tests Your Skills More Than Builds

Diversity at the Center of the Universe

  • Humans — Probably the most versatile race in the Oracle as they are a balanced mix between physical strength and Photon aptitude. Their ability to effectively wield any weapon and cast almost any Photon Art makes them an invaluable member of ARKS.
  • Newmans — They are a genetically manipulated race who are masters of Photon Manipulation. They better suited to jobs that utilize Photon Techniques such as Techter and Force.
  • CASTS — They are mechanical beings who are formerly either Human or Newman. CASTS are the direct result of genetic transplant to ensure the survival of a doomed being. Their artificial frames make them great close combat fighters or long-ranged gun users.
  • Deumans — These artificially created hybrids have a greater affinity with Photon Arts than Newmans. They have dichromatic eyes and horns on their head.

Continuously Challenging The Test of Time



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