PC Game Villains that we Encounter: The Most Bad and Wicked

When you talk about what makes a video game good, you don’t just focus on the game’s protagonist or hero. You also need to talk about the game’s villains. This is because a compelling story will require a great hero and an equally great villain. Without great game villains, a story won’t be complete since the villain makes the hero’s journey worthwhile.

A villain is also needed for the hero’s character development since the villain will represent the challenge that the hero would need to overcome. This is why in almost all the games, the villains would be overpowered at the beginning to help the player strive to be stronger. But who are the villains who played these roles perfectly? Let’s check out the best villains you will encounter in PC games.


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With such a scary game, you’d think the biggest baddie should be the scariest and meanest one you will encounter, and he sure is. Not only is Diablo diabolical-looking and terrifying-especially when he is chasing you as you try to escape to heal-he is also very strong. All those monstrous creeps and strong bosses were just the game preparing you for the meanest and worst monster in Diablo.

Arthas Menethil

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Since he cannot stop the plague, he became desperate and even went to extreme measures like purging an entire city from the infected. Aside from that, he took up the two-handed cursed sword Frostmourne. He went to great lengths to try and save his people, even at the cost of him losing his soul and becoming the death knight of the Scourge. A truly compelling villain who only became a villain because he wanted to save his people.

Vaas Montenegro

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One moment he is soft-spoken and a well-mannered villain trying to make conversation, then next he is like an angry madman swearing and shouting. He also makes you feel like the end is near. He is a great villain that will keep you on your toes every time you encounter him in the game.

Handsome Jack

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Handsome Jack is the head of the Hyperion Corporation and he murdered his way to get to the top. He also declared himself as the dictator of the planet Pandora. Aside from that, he is a very manipulative character, as well as charming at times. He is a villain that you would love to hate, but also a very entertaining character that the game would be boring without him.


It’s common to hear voice lines like, “Frankly, this chamber was a mistake. If we were you, we would quit now,” or “For instance, the floor here will kill you — try to avoid it.” These kinds of quotes can add a bit of dark humor to the game. It also made GLaDOS one of the best villains in PC games.

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