Most Overpowered Character in Marvel Contest of Champions

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 1, 2020


Each character in Marvel Contest of Champions had their own advantages and disadvantages. Although there are extremely competent champions in different scenarios. Anyway, here’s five of the most useful and top of the list champions;

Colossus — He went from zero to hero after the reworks done over the years. Passing twenty armor buffs and learning his level twos, you’ll have a utility machine that deals great damage in your hand. He can also spam heavy attacks.

Captain America — he’s a champion that keeps getting better each time. He delivers a lot of damage significantly with only small hits. His level twos stretches his damage output fairly high. Also, a user-friendly champion.

Ghost — Just like Quake, undeniably powerful top of the list champion. She is one of the champions you would want to face tough opponents.

Quake — Definitely goes to the most useful list. She can take out at least half of what Kabam has made to date. She can take the fight almost any day. However, Kabam are releasing many Champs to counter her as she was extremely distinguished in the Act 7.

Omega Red — An absolute beast. He has a great damage delivery method and almost nothing is immune to it. He can meltdown opponents very quickly and he is a versatile tank.