Lesser-KnownPUBG Tips and Tricks

  • You can kill someone by shooting their bag. Same goes with you. They can easily kill you by shooting at your bag especially if you are only using the level 1 bag.
  • Play on the edge of the safe zone. This gives you a better scope of the whole area and allows you to easily spot those that are running to the centre of the safe zone. This also reduces the chances of an opponent being at your back.
  • If there are only a few players left, stay hidden. Let them kill each other, you’ll have a greater chance of getting that chicken dinner if other opponents are eliminated for you by another opponent.

When peeking behind a wall, try to put a bit of distance in between and do not stick to the wall. Sticking to the wall will require you to reveal yourself while peeking. This trick allows you to stay covered and have a better view especially if you are using a scope.

Image Source: https://gurugamer.com/mobile-games/pubg-mobile-tips-to-reduce-weapon-recoil-1278

There are a lot more tips and tricks out there but this stuff comes in handy.




I play and write all about games, from Mobile to PC.

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Abbey Freehill

Abbey Freehill

I play and write all about games, from Mobile to PC.

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