Is Minecraft a Good Game for Kids?

Abbey Freehill
1 min readSep 30, 2020

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Minecraft and whether or not it’s a good game for kids. Well, if you read reviews, it appears this game taps into children’s creativity. It provides endless possibilities for exploration and building things. So if that counts as a fantastic game for kids, it probably is.

The original concept of Minecraft allows its players to explore different worlds and build everything that the heart desires. It eventually evolved when popular servers introduced PVP combat mini-games. This captured the attention of gamers who like the competitive aspect.

So the game is not just about exploring one’s creativity and imagination. Minecraft is also a great platform where the players can interact with other players, including the combat aspect of it. If your kids are into these things, then this adventure game is definitely good for them. There is a wonderful balance between the creative and interactive parts.

Share your kids the beauty of Minecraft. It is a fun and highly educational game that focuses on exploration, imagination, and creativity.