How to Become a True PC Gamer

There are no such things as a console gamer, arcade gamer, or PC gamer to say the least. Maybe this is because I only see people who love playing video games as gamers no matter what platform they prefer. For the most part, I see video game players in various classification: casual, novice, professional, and hardcore gamers. However, if you see it that way, I believe that a true PC gamer is someone who is equipped with the ultimate PC gaming rig (which I as a casual gamer don’t know much about) and only plays PC games.

The reason I want to share my view on this question is that as far as I’m concerned, gamers all belong in a single community. Love it or hate it, but I think there are two factions in the gaming community: the elite critics/”journalists” who pander to SJWs and the true gaming community who just want to play video games. With that said, based on the gaming scene of today, any gamer needs to remember that in video games there is no gender, racism, politics, or other whatchamacallits. I miss the days when playing video games was fun and free of social justice nonsense. Hope you find this answer helpful and happy gaming.



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