How Can You Increase Your Killing Ratio in PUBG?

  • In the beginning, try to land on areas that are out of the flight path. You don’t want to engage enemies at the start so choosing a landing area away from the flight path ensures you won’t encounter too many enemies.
  • Though assault rifles are the best weapon to have, don’t sleep on shotguns. Shotguns are a good weapon, especially in the early parts of the game. When fights usually happen at close range, a shotgun is a great weapon to easily kill enemies. I actually keep a shotgun around since I always use them whenever I’m going to kill enemies close range.
  • Always pay attention to the mini-map. The map is a great way for you to detect enemies. You can quickly see if they are firing weapons and where they are firing it from.
  • Play with the volume on. Sounds are another good way to detect if there are enemies close by. Always keep them on and pay attention to footprints.




I play and write all about games, from Mobile to PC.

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Abbey Freehill

Abbey Freehill

I play and write all about games, from Mobile to PC.

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