Hill Climb Racing (game): Which Vehicles do You Recommend For Different Levels?

Rally Car — The Rally Car is like picking Mario in Super Mario Kart; it’s the most well-rounded, dependably vehicle suitable for just about any track. It’s not the best in any one category. About 10% slower than the lambo, a tiny bit less suspension than the super diesel, just a touch less roll cage than the buggy. Rally car can do it all well, and it’s got decent air control and is easy to drive as well. Upgrading the Rally would not be a waste of coins no matter what car you actually end up loving to use, because you can always depend on the Rally to perform very well on just about any track you throw it on.

Dune Buggy — The Dune Buggy is a close second to the Rally Car when it comes to versatility, and even edges it out in city, mountains, mines, forest maps sometimes. This is due in large part to it having the best grip among any car in the game, the fastest acceleration to its max speed, and a very strong rollcage that grants it excellent stunt potential. Add to the mix that it’s very cheap to buy and upgrade, and between this and the Rally Car, you’ve pretty much got yourself set.



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