Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Abbey Freehill
2 min readSep 30, 2020

Do you want to master the game and learn what are the best loot places and battle strategies to take? Here are some tips and tricks to win in Free Fire.

When jumping off the plane, pick a landing spot that suits your playing style. If you are the aggressive warrior type, there are hot areas in the center of the map. But as a survival-focused player, you might want to stay at the sides.

The hottest spots to be in are the Factory, Mill, and Bimasakti Strip. The Factory is the hardest place to land on. It’s filled with lots of weapons, which will surely attract a lot of players too.

While the Factory is purely close-quarter combat area, the Mill is a sniper’s delight. There are perfect places to set up a sniper nest. This is bad news if you just walked into the party and everyone else had their sniper rifles up.

And if you want brutal deathmatches, go take a hike to Bimasakti Strip. Players die even before landing on the strip. That’s how brutal it can get.

So take your pick and choose wisely. It could make or break your bid to becoming the lone survivor in the game.