Gacha Life — Create Your Own Anime Character and Story

Abbey Freehill
12 min readJul 20, 2020

Gacha Life is fun to play, designed to unleash or cultivate your creative juices. Published by Lunime, it is a role-playing casual game where you can create and design your anime-styled character. This features many different appearances and clothes that you can put on your creations. You also have the power to decide their pose.

The beauty of Gacha Life is that it doesn’t stop at letting you customize your anime character’s appearance. You can also customize their personality and personal information. There are many different personalities to choose from like happy, calm, clumsy, flirty, and so on. You can even decide what your character’s occupation is. Is he or she a student, an athlete, or a professor? You decide their fate.

Other details you can add include their birthday, favorite food and drink, favorite color, what his or her goal in life is, and so on. And the best part: you can create many different anime-like characters. But character creation is just the first thing that you can do.

It has other great features that make it extremely popular with people, especially kids. Let’s look at some of the things that you can do and see why it’s popular with kids.

What Gacha Life Offers

Other great features make it very fun to play with. We’ll briefly discuss some of the main features of this casual game so you can see for yourself why it’s fun to play.

Create Interesting Stories

Gacha Life doesn’t just let you create and customize anime-like characters. It also allows you to create stories. Those that you created can be used for the story you want to tell. That’s why you could be very detailed as you want to when it comes to the information you indicate. It will determine what role they will play in the story you will create.

You can use the Studio where you can create different scenes. You can place up to eight characters on the scene, which you could customize by using any of the different backgrounds available. You can even add props like animals and furniture. Also, add dialogue boxes and edit their pose to fit the scene that you have in mind.

Once done, you can combine the scenes you customized and create a movie out of it. Another way to create is by using the Skit Maker. This is where you can easily create multiple scenes to have a compelling story. You can also add some more, change their poses, and put dialogue boxes.

But you can only put two characters at a time. This function is a bit limited, but it does make it easier for you to create and combine scenes to make a good sketch.

Play Exciting Mini-Games

Aside from creating stories and sketches, you can also play mini-games in Gacha Life. This is a great feature if you need a break from creating and just want to play real games. Choose from among the eight different and exciting ones for you to play.

One that you can play is Bex’s Festival. Your goal is simple: catch the falling chicken nuggets. Try to catch as many as you can without letting a nugget slip away.

The mini-games are not just for additional entertainment. By playing, you get the chance to get rewards in the form of gems, which is the main currency. You could use them for gifts or recover stamina.

Interact with Other Gacha Life Characters

The beauty is in not having to create all of them from scratch. It already features many different characters that you can use for your story or sketch. You can also interact with them through the Life Mode. In this mode, you enter the Gacha Town where you can have limitless interactions.

At first, you are only allowed to talk with them. But as your relationship with them grows, you unlock more functions. You can start asking questions, giving gifts, and taking quizzes. Interacting with others also allows you to learn more about them, which can help you in deciding what role they could play in your story or sketch.

Many Game Features that will Keep You Interested

Did you ever dream of becoming an anime creator? How about creating and designing cool characters, and then telling awesome stories about them? Well, you can now make that dream come true with the casual game Gacha Life that Lunime published. You get to create anime-like characters using various designs.

You can change the overall appearance of your character — from how he or she looks up to how he or she dresses. You can even decide on what personality they will possess as well as the personal information they will have. You can even decide on their favorite food, drink, and color. The beauty here is that you can create many different personalizations, not just one.

But this free to download game is not just about creating anime-like characters. It has many more great features that make it popular with kids and adults alike. Let’s briefly look at the main features that this offers.

Create Stories and Sketches Using Characters You Created

One of the main features that Gacha Life offers is that it gives you the ability to create awesome stories. You may use those that you created previously as a lead in the story. And you have the freedom to tell whatever story you want.

If you didn’t have time to create more, do not worry. Gacha Life PC download already features many different ones available that you can use for your story. So no need to fret if you’re only able to customize 1 or 2 of them. There are two features that you can use to create stories or sketches: the Studio and the Skit Maker. The Studio is where you can create different scenes both here and in the upcoming sequel.

You can change the background, put up to eight characters in the scene, add dialogue boxes and props, and even decide on their pose. Once you have enough scenes, you can combine them to make a short video. The Skit Maker is where you can create actual sketches and different backgrounds available. You can add dialogue boxes, facial expressions, and poses.

Be Entertained With Different Mini-Games

Another one of its main features is that it has eight different mini-games to play. They are all simple and fun to play. But they are also challenging, especially as you are progressing since it becomes harder and harder. Like Ichi’s Math, where the equation you need to solve becomes tougher as you move along.

It is important, though, that you do well in these since they will reward you with gems. They are the main currency here, and you can use them to replenish your stamina or to send gifts to others.

Interact with Others in Life Mode

It was earlier mentioned that many different characters are available. Well, these are not just used for storytelling. You can also interact with them. At first, they will only talk to you about random stuff, but as your relationship with them increases, you unlock other functions.

You can start asking them questions, giving gifts, and taking quizzes. To increase your relationship, you just need to keep on talking until the friendship level goes up. Talking to them will also allow you to learn more about them.

No Need to Connect to The Internet To Play Gacha Life

What’s great is that it doesn’t need an internet connection. This means you can play wherever you are. You no longer have to find an area where there’s WiFi or where you can use your data connection. As long as your device has enough battery, you can play it to your heart’s content.

How To Use the Studio Mode

When it comes to popular and entertaining games for kids, Gacha Life is one that will come to mind. It’s a dress-up game where players can create and customize their anime-like character. Players can change their appearance, height, clothes, poses, personality, and personal information.

But aside from creating anime-like characters, it also allows players to create stories. They can use those that they have created or use the preset ones for their stories. There are two tools they can use to create stories: the Studio mode and the Skit Maker, with the first being the more popular one.

Players use it in creating cute and awesome stories involving Gacha Life characters being uploaded on YouTube. But how does it work? What are the things that you can do there and how to use it? This article will provide a guide on how to use this Studio mode.

What Can You Do in Gacha Studios

The Studio mode is a feature that will allow you to create scenes. You can customize what background you will use and place them on the scene. You can even decide on what poses and expressions they will have based on the scene that you are creating. The mode also allows you to add dialogue boxes for conversations.

You can also add different props to the scene if needed, like animals and furniture. The studio mode provides you with many different tools to use and work with to help you create the scene that you want. The beauty of the Studio mode is that it will likely be available on Gacha Life 2 once it comes out.

This means knowing how it works and how to use it will make it easier for you to transition to the new one. Let’s discuss now how to use the Studio mode.

How to Go Through the Studio Mode

When you tap on the Studio mode, you will see an empty canvas, except for the default background. You can change that background to fit the scene that you have in mind, and there are 600 different backgrounds that you can use. Happy choosing! Once you’ve placed the background, the next step is to add others that will be part of the scene. It’s important to take note that you can only place a maximum of eight per scene.

Those that you can use for the scene are the characters that are occupying your slots. So make sure you update it first if you want specific characters to appear as options for the scene. You have the freedom on where in the scene you will place them. You can also change their pose and their scale (if they will be bigger or shorter than the others).

Create Dialogue Boxes and Add Emote in Gacha Life Studio

There is also a tool for adding dialogue boxes as well as emoticons that will be visible near the dialogue box. After that, you can start adding different props like animals, furniture, or special props like ghosts and zombies. Once done, you can save the scene in one of the slots so you can create another.

How Gacha Life Scenes Become Videos

Converting the scenes to videos will require that you take screenshots of the scene as you are creating them. To remove the tools on the screen, there’s a Hide icon near the upper right of the screen. Tapping that will hide all tools, and you will only see the scene you created. You can take a screenshot and save it on your device.

Take screenshots of all of the scenes you will need and then use a movie maker software where you can combine these scenes to make a movie. This is how players can create a short movie in the Gacha World that you see on YouTube. It might sound like it’s too much work, but it’s very fun and easy to do. No wonder many kids love it.

Amazing Wallpapers For Your Gadgets

Are you a big fan of the Gacha Life anime dress up game? If yes, and you are looking for great wallpapers to use for your smartphone device or computers, then your search is over. These High-Definition (HD) wallpapers, which took inspiration from the popular story-telling gaming we all love, will beautify your devices. There are 23 different wallpapers to choose from, and they are all available for free.

Yes, you don’t need to pay anything or install something to download these wallpapers. You can download them all and have different wallpapers on your PC or mobile device every day. You can be sure that each wallpaper has beautiful designs, and it will let people know that you are a big fan of the Gacha Life anime creator game!

What Features We Know About the Sequel

Gacha Life has been one of the most popular games that you can play right now. It’s a role-play casual dress up game where you can customize anime-like characters. You can change their appearance, dress them up, and even change how they pose. After customizing, you can create stories using them as the main ones.

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It’s a very fun and entertaining concept that many people, especially kids, love. This is why there’s a clamor for Part 2. Thankfully, the developers listened. Though there’s no official release date yet, the new version already has a name and its Gacha Club. Even without a release date, there is already information regarding what the new installment will offer.

In this article, let’s look at some of the main features of the Gacha Club. We’ll see how it will differ from its predecessor.

What Makes It Different from The Original

Gacha Life is very fun to play. This is why there’s pressure from the developers to create something that is more fun and more entertaining than the first one. And from the looks of the features that Lumine revealed in the Gacha Club website, it seems the sequel will be better.

Pets Can Now Be Customized

One of the main differences that Gacha Life 2 has over its predecessor is that it allows players to customize pets. In Gacha Life, you only have different pets to choose from when placing them on the scene. They don’t do anything else and are just props. But here, more life is added to them.

You can now change what their color will be, making them more dynamic. And these pets can also talk, which gives them more of a role in the scenes you can create.

Be Ready to Battle Monsters

Another difference between Gacha Life 2 and its predecessor is that you can now battle monsters. That’s right, it’s not just about creating characters or telling stories, there is also a story mode that you can play. In that mode, you can battle monsters and level up.

There is now an actual game that you can play, which will add to the overall entertainment value. You won’t get bored playing this.

More Characters to Customize and Collect

Of course, the developers didn’t forget about the main feature of the Gacha World since they improved the customization feature. It will have 100 free ones that you can customize. When you customize them, you can even change their outline color.

But if you get bored with them already, don’t worry. The upcoming sequel to the Lunime anime character maker game we loved has over 200 more characters that you can collect to add to your line-up. There are even special ones that you can unlock by playing the mini-games. Lunime is packing the new game with great features that are upgrades from what the first one offers. Hopefully, they release the sequel soon so we can all start enjoying what it offers.

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How to Download and Play Gacha Life on PC

Sure you can play Gacha Life on mobile, but it's a lot better to play it on PC. The steps are really quick and easy:

1. Visit our Gacha Life Fan Site, where you can learn more about the game features.
2. Click the " Play For Free" button at the top or bottom of the page to begin the download.
3. Once complete, just run file and make sure to click Yes to allow the installation.
4. That's all there is to it! Start playing the Gacha Life game on PC!