Gacha Life — Create Your Own Anime Character and Story

Abbey Freehill
12 min readJul 20, 2020

Gacha Life is fun to play, designed to unleash or cultivate your creative juices. Published by Lunime, it is a role-playing casual game where you can create and design your anime-styled character. This features many different appearances and clothes that you can put on your creations. You also have the power to decide their pose.

The beauty of Gacha Life is that it doesn’t stop at letting you customize your anime character’s appearance. You can also customize their personality and personal information. There are many different personalities to choose from like happy, calm, clumsy, flirty, and so on. You can even decide what your character’s occupation is. Is he or she a student, an athlete, or a professor? You decide their fate.

Other details you can add include their birthday, favorite food and drink, favorite color, what his or her goal in life is, and so on. And the best part: you can create many different anime-like characters. But character creation is just the first thing that you can do.

It has other great features that make it extremely popular with people, especially kids. Let’s look at some of the things that you can do and see why it’s popular with kids.

What Gacha Life Offers

Other great features make it very fun to play with. We’ll briefly discuss some of the main features of this casual game so you can see for yourself why it’s fun to play.

Create Interesting Stories

Gacha Life doesn’t just let you create and customize anime-like characters. It also allows you to create stories. Those that you created can be used for the story you want to tell. That’s why you could be very detailed as you want to when it comes to the information you indicate. It will determine what role they will play in the story you will create.

You can use the Studio where you can create different scenes. You can place up to eight characters on the scene, which…

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