Favourite 20 Games For The Past 10 Years

Abbey Freehill
Oct 18, 2020


The past decade has been really good for gaming, with a lot of excellent games being published and released for people to enjoy. Here are some of my 20 favorite games from the past 10 years:

Role-Playing Games

Ghost of Tsushima

Remnant: From the Ashes

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

The Last of Us

Read Dead Redemption 2

Horizon Zero Dawn

God of War 2018

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nier: Automata

Fire Emblem: Three Houses



Diablo 3

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Competitive / Multiplayer

Tekken 7

Legends of Runeterra

League of Legends

Starcraft 2

I usually prefer single player role-playing games since most of them have deeply immersive narratives, graphics and environments that makes me feel like I’m actually in that world doing heroic stuff. Also, while I have played some shooters, I lean more towards RTS and fighting games when it comes to playing with other people — I often prefer playing team-oriented games when me and my friends decide to play.

That said, the games I’ve stated above are mostly triple-a titles, and they cost a pretty penny. If you want to play RPGs and Multiplayer games for free, sites like Games.lol have a good collection of games that you can download on your desktop and play alone or with your friends.