Diablo IV: All You Need To Know About The New Sorceress

What to Expect With the New Version of Sorceress

  1. Major Destructions — deals more damage to enemies but at the expense of mana. The Sorceress has Charged Bolts, Fireball, Ice Shards, and Incinerate, among others, under this category.
  2. Defensive — this improves the character’s defenses. It will be either crowd control, passive or cool down skills. The Sorceress can cast a flame shield and ice armor, classified as crowd control and passive respectively.
  3. Conjuration — this ability allows you to inflict a great deal of damage at the cost of either mana or longer cooldowns. This acts as supplemental damage to Major Destruction abilities. For this category, a Sorceress can summon a three-headed creature that spits fire onto enemies for 12 seconds
  4. Mastery — this requires a significant amount of mana in return for high damage. Sorceresses have the Firewall skill which creates a wall of fire that deals 378 damage to enemies that lasts for 8 seconds. Nova, however, is a passive skill that unleashes a burst of lightning after spending 145 mana.
  5. Ultimate — these abilities provide significant power and damage but it requires longer cooldowns. One of these skills is the Conduit, which has the longest cooldown of 90 seconds.

Diablo IV: Sorceress Talent Tree

  • Universal — Potent Warding, Devastation, Align Elements, Precision Magic, Inexorable Reach, Elemental Attunement
  • Fire — Char to Ash, Soulfire, Blaze of Glory, Burning Resonance, Devouring Flames, Endless Pyre, Conflagration
  • Cold — Numbing Cold, Icy Touch, Cold Snap, Hoarfrost, Frostbite, Chill to the Bone, Endless Winter
  • Lightning — Ceaseless Bolts, Overcharge, Convulsions, Stagger, Crackling Aura, Shocking Strikes, Lightning Mastery



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