Diablo III: Why Is It Still Worth Playing In 2020

Diablo III is a rich and immersive game from the Diablo franchise. It was also very popular when it was first released. However, after 8 years, is it still worth playing today? In 2020? Whether you are new to action role-playing games , or if you are a seasoned player who wants to make a comeback, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider this game.

The Story

Class Variations

For those who are not yet familiar, Diablo III has 6 hero classes to choose from. These are the Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard. Like most RPGs, each character possesses unique powers, abilities, appearance, and style. The choice of hero will affect your gameplay, but it helps you explore different types of playstyles and special effects.

Adventure Modes and Rifts

For great post-content gaming, you can also explore rifts and greater rifts. Rifts are randomized dungeons that offer new challenges to players. Levels are always different each time, and the monster mob and demon boss are never the same. This ensures more diverse and engaging gameplay.

The adventure modes and multiplayer features are some of the great reasons why you should give this game another try. There’s still a lot more to explore and revisit. For new players, this extensive adventure and content ensure that you won’t run out of challenges from this game.


Seasons also allow you to play seasonal characters without going over the campaign. You can create your Seasonal Hero and begin a new adventure. Different seasons offer different kinds of experience, so even if you are a returning player, you will find new challenges and activities to look forward to.

Ongoing Game Support

Another reason why Diablo III is still worth playing in 2020 is the support and continuing updates from Blizzard themselves. With fresh content and continuing support, you will surely find a lively gaming community in Diablo III-on top of new content and challenges to explore.

Originally published at https://playpc.io on July 23, 2020.

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