Call of Duty Mobile: What Is The Difference Between Premium Pass And Premium Pass Plus — COD Battle Pass?

Abbey Freehill
1 min readOct 9, 2020

In Call of Duty Mobile, if you look at the Premium Pass and the Premium Pass Plus, you’ll think that there is more offered in the Premium Pass Plus. But in reality, there are only a few, but you can really make use of them.

Both Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus give you 25% more XP. You also get a variety of premium guns, characters, and new skins and outfits in Premium Pass.

In Premium Pass Plus, you get more premium guns, characters, new skins, and new outfits. You also gain access to bonuses. You get a headstart of 25 tiers that Premium Pass does not offer, so you need to start from one.

So if you want to get direct to 25 tiers, you will want to get the Premium Pass Plus. Otherwise, I recommend that you get the Premium Plus only if you don’t need to get a headstart of 25 tiers.