Beyond COVID-19 And Time: Is Pokemon GO Still Popular?

At its peak, Pokemon GO took the gaming world by storm. The game that was born out of the partnership between The Pokemon Company and Niantic became an instant hit! Mainly since it offered something that was never seen before. That is the chance to truly travel and search for Pokemons that appear on your screen.

The big question these days is if Pokemon GO is still as relevant as it was during its prime. You’d see people congregating in random places which didn’t seem important enough, but now those people are gone. Are they? Here’s what’s actually happening since GO’s supposed hey-days.

Peak Pokemon — Discoveries Abound

The First Decline — Will It Rise Up Again?

There were also improvements introduced into the game, but to some these were a little too late. A year later from its launch — in 2017 — people were already commenting on the game was on the decline. Some people lost interest because of the lack of improvement. They also argued that the appearance of random problems that were meant to make the game ‘fair’ to everyone — like the rate of appearance of Pokemon for higher-level players -alienated fans further.

The Present Situation — GO Fest and More

The Future Looks Bright

So What’s Next for Pokemon GO?

Originally published at on August 5, 2020.

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