Best Websites to Play Board Games Online

Board games are fun to play during a stormy day or even when you just want to unwind and let your mind work on something else. It is even cool if you can play it for free on a website! Here are some of the popular websites where most people play board games online:

A lot of people visit this website to play Hanabi, Caylus, Russian Railroads, Stone Age and all other board games — for free! There are over 150 games to choose from and there is no download necessary. Just click and play the game right away.

Having a large user base, Yucata has over 100 board games to choose from. There is chatroom with people speaking in English and German. Live group gameplays are possible and everything is for free as well.

If ever you need a light and cozy website to play Lost Cities, Circle the Wagons or Migrato, check out Happy Meeple. Registration is free and all games are on a 2-player mode.


Play Dominoes online with friends on this website and have loads of fun the entire day. This website is top ranking not only for board games, but for all other types of games — for free!



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