Best Tips To Win In Call Of Duty Mobile

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 13, 2020


Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale or Multiplayer

Pre-firing: (MP)One sure way to get you an easy kill is pre-firing but only do this if you have more than enough ammo in your inventory.

Aim at the Head: (BR and MP)This is one way to ensure fast kill. Headshots deal more damage.

Use Scout/Mechanic: (BR and MP) Scout class gives you an upper hand in the game. It gives you intel on where the nearby enemies are. The Mechanic uses a EMP drone to look for enemies within the vicinity and when enemies are spotted they are blinded for a few seconds giving you opportunity to fire at them first.

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Loot and Scavenge: (BR) Make sure you have enough ammo and med kits also bombs or whatever before the final circle encloses. It is a great rule of thumb to do the scavenging and looting while still at the early phase of the game.

Chopper: (BR) Secure a chopper if possible. It is an easiest and great way to travel especially if you are at the other side of the safe zone.

Reviving: (BR) When collecting your teammate’s dog tag make sure to run over it and once you’ve picked it up run and take cover before scanning.

Airdrops: (BR) If you have a good gun and sniper with you, ignore the airdrops. More often than not, you’ll get killed by chasing after this loot. WHat you can do is go on a great vantage point from the airdrop and shoot on those that try to loot it.

Connection: (BR and MP)Make sure to keep open communications with your team to give intel or assistance.

Throwables: (BR and MP) Make sure to take advantage of the throwables and make sure to learn how to use them. They can be a big help.

Sliding: (BR and MP) Tapping on crouch while sprinting will enable you to slide. This helps dodging bullets once you’re spotted.