Best Shooter Games For PC in 2020

Abbey Freehill
2 min readOct 14, 2020


2020 sure is one heck of a year for PC gamers as new game seasons and new FPS games were released — and most of them are definitely living up to every gamer’s expectation.

Without further ado, here are the best shooter games for PC in 2020:

1. Apex Legends

On August 18, the season 6 of Apex Legends was made available to the public with fresh new weapons, updates, and a new character.

In Season 6, the Volt was released, an energy-based RMG that allows players to shoot energy-based ammos and hit multiple targets.

This season also introduces the new character named Rampart (Ramya Parekh), a character who focuses on full defense using big, armored weapons.

2. Valorant

Riot’s new MOBA-FPS game sure does gain a large fandom just months after its release. Released on June, Valorant takes on a similar gameplay with Counter Strike, where Attackers plant a bomb, while the Defenders defuse it. Now, it’s not just any typical FPS game as each hero has their own abilities that can surely kill enemies.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

You will see a lot of exciting new features on the 5th Season of Call of Duty. Firstly, is the new game mode like Mini Royale, where players get to fight in a battle-royale style. There are also new features in multiplayer mode, particularly new maps. These are a new Gunfight map, new Ground War map, and two standard maps.

There are still more exciting FPS games that you can play for PC — even on mobile, too! If you have a favorite FPS mobile game to play, and you want to play it on PC, you can check out these shooting games by All of these games are free to download!