Best Map For Rank Pushing In PUBG

Abbey Freehill
Oct 18, 2020

If you have been playing PUBG for a while and want to know the best map when it comes to ranking, you should first know the important key factors. Your rank depends on the following:

  • Team Rank
  • Auto-Matching
  • Your total kills in the game

Out of the four maps in PUBG, there are two that I think are best for pushing your rank.

  • Miramar — This map is perfect for pushing because of its vastness. The map is big, so you also have bigger chances of surviving. You will have an increase in survival points even if you don’t have a lot of kills. Higher survival points can increase your tier.
  • Erangel — This is considered to be the best map for all kinds of game modes. There are a lot of vehicles to use and many locations to scout on. You have to be careful, though, because most players already have their strategies when playing on this map.