Among Us: Experience the Best Multiplayer Mystery Action App Right Now

Abbey Freehill
13 min readSep 11, 2020

There are a lot of good games for you to play or download. But one game that is worth trying out is Among Us. It is a multiplayer action mystery game where you play with at least 4 other people but can go up to 10 players. All players, who are called the Crew, will be going to a spaceship and then fixing it up and making it ready for launch. There are several tasks that the group will have to complete to win the game. Sounds simple right?

Unfortunately, it won’t be that simple because, among the group, there would be at least 1 player who will play the role of the impostor. His or her goal is to sabotage everything and kill off the entire crew. It’s a fun and cool game that you can play with your friends online or with other people. Let’s discuss in more detail how this game works.

How Does This Action Mystery App Works?

The goal of Among Us is for the Crew to complete all tasks. There are usually 4–5 tasks to complete and they’re not that hard to do. But the problem is that among the Crew members there are impostors. The impostors can be 1, 2, or 3 persons. Their goal is to destroy everything and get all of the Crew killed. They can kill the members themselves or put the suspicion on one member and be voted to be sent out the ship.

Impostors can also wreck certain tasks or parts of the ship to prevent the Crew from completing missions . Crew members can call for a meeting if they discover a dead body or if they have a suspicion as to who’s the impostor. Once a meeting is called, members can vote as to who they think is the impostor and will be the one sent to outer space to die. You can choose to skip the voting if you’re not yet sure or vote who you think is the culprit.

A majority vote will be needed to eject a player from the ship. You must vote wisely since you don’t want to send an innocent person off the ship. After ejecting someone, the game will reveal if that person is an impostor or not.

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How to Download Among Us on PC

Sure you can play Among Us on mobile, but it’s a lot better to play it on PC. The steps are really quick and easy:

1. Visit our Among Us Fan Site, where you can learn more about the game features.
2. Click the “Play For Free” button at the top or bottom of the page to begin the download.
3. Once complete, just run file and make sure to click Yes to allow the installation.
4. That’s all there is to it! Start playing the Among Us game on PC!

How To Play the App

You can choose to play Among Us locally, which means you play with people in person as long as they are also connected to the same network. Additionally, you can choose to play it online or to play with other people from all over the world. You can also choose to host your own game, whether it’s locally or online. Playing the game locally and in-person will be more fun to do, but everyone must remain quiet.

It’s only during the discussion can people start to share their ideas and suspicions. It is unavoidable for some members of the Crew to die since impostors can kill them. They won’t automatically be booted from the game as they can continue playing as ghosts and still complete tasks to try and win. They won’t be able to participate in the discussion, though. During an in-person match, ghosts need to keep quiet and they are still prevented from participating in the discussion since they already know who the impostor is.

Gameplay Experience

After downloading the game, the first thing you will do is to customize your character. You can change the name, the color, wear hats, or even add accessories such as pets. Once done, you can start playing the game either locally or online. In online mode, you can choose to host a game, join the public servers, or join a private one if you already know a friend who hosted a game.

In joining public servers, you can customize the kind of game you want to join. What spaceship do you want to go to, what language would the discussion be, and how many impostors should the game have. Once done, just join and you will be placed on the waiting area as it fills up the maximum player count. It is important to take note that your character’s color might change if there’s already someone on the server who is using the color you’re supposedly using.

Once the server is filled with the maximum players, the game will start. Impostors are chosen at random and the player will know if he or she is an impostor just before the game starts. If you’re part of the Crew, your goal is to just complete tasks. If you’re an impostor, your goal is to sabotage everything and kill the Crew members.

Among Us is a fun and great game to play. You can play it online with other people, or in-person with friends. It’s a great game to play in a group during gatherings or get-together.

Among Us Thrilling Game Features

Among Us is a cool and entertaining game that you can play with your friends. It’s a multiplayer action mystery game where you can play with a minimum of 4 people and can increase up to 10 players. The players will be labeled as Crewmates and their goal is to complete all the tasks laid out. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be easy since some of the players will be impostors.

Their goal is to sabotage everything and kill all the Crew members before they can complete all the tasks. Crew members can also win the game if they are successful in identifying who the impostor is and ejecting him or her outside the ship. The game sounds simple but is not that easy since identifying the impostor is quite a challenging thing to discover. But what are the other features that Among Us is offering? Let’s look at the main ones.

Main Features of This App

The Option To Play With Friends Or Other People

Among Us is a multiplayer game, which means it’s a game where you will play with other people. One main feature that this game offers is that you will have the option to play it with your friends or with strangers. There are 2 ways to play this game, locally and online. If you want to play locally, the people you’ll play with would need to connect to the same WiFi network. This matter means you all have to be in the same area.

You can create a game or have a friend create one and you will join. You can also play with your friends online. It allows you to play with them even if they’re not in your area. You just need to create a game, set it in private, and then have your friends join the game. If your friends aren’t online, don’t worry, you can still play Among Us and this time with strangers from all over the world.

The fun thing about playing with strangers is that things become more competitive. The impostors are quick and precise in their actions, while the discussions with Crewmates are intense to try and find the impostor. Biases will also start to form only during the game since the person you are playing don’t know who you are.

Available in Different Languages for Free

Another main feature of this game is that it is available to play in different languages. This match has 6 different languages available in the game, English, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic. You just need to choose which language you want the chat to be when you are searching for a public game to join and it will list down all available servers in that language.

Different Maps to Use in the Game

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Another thing that it offers is that it has different maps available. The usual map is the spaceship where ejected players are sent to outer space. There’s also a map where the location is a floating fortress and ejected players are kicked out to fall in the sky. The last map is a town located near a volcano and ejected players are thrown in the lava. Each map will have a different layout, but tasks are relatively the same. So you will likely have adjustment periods when you’re playing on a different map.

The ones mentioned above are the main features that the match has to serve.. It’s a cool and fun game that you can play. And the best part is that you can play it with friends, either face-to-face or online.

A Guide To Becoming A Good Impostor In Among Us

It might sound fun and exciting, but it’s not actually easy being an impostor. . You have to be good at sneaking around, making sure no other player is in the room when you are performing your sabotage. Also, you have to be careful when you attempt to kill someone, making sure that you are alone in the room and that no one saw you enter the room after the player.

Does it sound too much to handle? It actually is, especially if you’re new to being an impostor in the game. Now your chances of being an impostor is not that high since there can only be a maximum of 3 impostors in a game. And becoming an impostor is done randomly. So, your chances of being an impostor is only at 30% in a game of 10 players with 3 being the impostors. Take note that the percentages drop if there will be fewer impostors in the game. In case you do become an impostor, here are some tips for you to help you perform your tasks properly.

A Guide To Performing Well As An Impostor

Always be Calm and Collected in the Game

One of the important things you need to do is to always be calm and collected, especially during discussions. Panicking, looking anxious or defensive in your statements can be a surefire way of showing guilt that you are the impostor. In case you’re being accused of something, try to defend yourself in a calm manner. You can even try and turn the tables against the accuser, which is actually easier if there is only one other player who is accusing you.

Try to Stick To Groups When Performing Tasks

Another tip to avoid detection is that you try to stick to groups who are performing tasks. It’s going to be hard to try and fake performing a task since some tasks showcase an animation when they are being completed. To avoid being detected that you’re faking it, try to stick to groups who are crowding a task so you will have an alibi and say you were among those who were doing certain tasks.

Sabotage Different Rooms in Opposite Direction

The best way to keep people from completing tasks is to keep on sabotaging rooms so they will have to try and fix it. This thing is also a good way to keep people separated since they will have to take care of these issues that you are causing. Be mindful though that there are certain issues that will go away after a while. There are also certain issues that can cause death to the entire Crew, like taking out the oxygen supply in the spaceship map.

Always be aware of where the Vents are Located

When you are performing sabotage or a kill, you need to be aware of where the vents are. After killing someone or sabotaging a room, going out through the door will make you look suspicious. Similarly, entering the room before sabotaging it, can also make you look suspicious. So be aware of where the vents are and where they lead. Try to enter and exit rooms you want to sabotage through these vents so you no one can see you enter or exit that particular room.

Be Patient in the Game

Probably the most important tip you need to know when being an impostor is that you should be patient. It’s good that you take the initiative and set the tone of the game so you can keep the Crew member on their heels often. However, being too aggressive in sabotaging or killing could backfire since a player might have seen you. It’s important that you try to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity before you strike. Doing this increases your chances of succeeding in wreaking havoc.

Being an impostor is more fun and exciting than being a member of the Crew. You just need to follow the tips mentioned above to increase your chances of being undetected and winning the game.

Gameplay HD Wallpaper for PC & Mobile

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Among Us — Is It More Fun To Be An Impostor Or A Crewmate

When you play this match, you won’t know if you will be an impostor or a crewmate since it is chosen at random. But since there are more slots for crewmates, your chances of being a crewmate is higher than being an impostor. But which role would be the most fun among the two?

Among Us

Would being a crewmate, completing tasks, being careful not to get killed, and avoiding being accused more fun? Or is it being an impostor, trying to sabotage everything and killing off crewmates without being detected? Let’s discuss this in this article.

Why It’s More Fun Being a Crewmate and Why Not

One of the things that are very enjoyable about being a crewmate is that you don’t have to worry too much about what you need to do in the game. This thing is because you just have to focus on completing tasks as soon as possible so you will all have a chance of winning the game. However, you also need to be mindful of your surroundings since you might encounter an impostor doing something so you can alert your crewmates about it.

If you don’t like completing tasks, you can spend most of the time just observing others and trying to catch the impostor in action. But remember, you need to complete at least 1 or 2 tasks to avoid looking suspicious. It’s also fun that crewmates can continue playing as ghosts and still complete tasks, which can further help the team win. A thing that is not fun in being a crewmate is when you’re accused of being an impostor during discussions.

This thing usually happens when you don’t perform any tasks or fail to complete some of them. Some tasks are not that easy to complete and you might seem like you’re trying to fake doing them. Just like scanning your ID. It’s a tricky task to complete and can get you accused of being an impostor.

Why It’s More Fun Being an Impostor and Why It’s Not

Being an impostor is more exciting since you’ll be doing different things. Instead of completing tasks, your goal is to sabotage them and kill off crewmembers. You can perform certain tasks so you can avoid looking suspicious. But most of the time you get to sabotage things, sneak around, and try to kill crewmates.

Another fun thing about being an impostor is that you can use vents to go to different places faster and hide from other players. This matter makes it easier to move around without getting noticed. Though all of these things are fun, you will also have to be more cautious in the game then when you are a crewmate.

It’s because you’ll be doing things differently from most players, so it will be easier to spot you. So being careful is a must, especially if you are very competitive and would want to win. This process might not be fun, especially if you don’t like sneaking around and being careful of your actions. Another thing you won’t enjoy much is the discussion process since you’ll be very anxious here and think someone might have seen you sabotage a room or kill someone.

Another thing that isn’t fun about being an impostor is that you have to be quick with your actions. You don’t want the crewmembers completing the task quickly so you need to act fast and sabotage things. But, as mentioned earlier, you still have to be very careful about it.

Is It More Fun Being an Impostor or Crewmate?

If you’re someone who enjoys a challenge, then you will enjoy being an impostor more. It’s not only about trying to blend in with the crew, but you also have to sneak around and sabotage things. If you are someone who prefers easy tasks and not has to think too much about what you need to do, then you will have more fun being a crewmate.