Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing PUBG in FPP mode

PUBG Mobile
  • It’s easier to sneak up on other players in FPP since it’s harder for them to see enemies attacking from behind, unlike in TPP where it is easy to adjust the camera angle.
  • FPP is a view that is designed more for players who prefer to constantly attack and be more aggressive. So there’s bound to be more action playing in FPP than in TPP.
  • It’s also easier to see farther players in FPP that are in your line of vision than in TPP.
  • You are more prone to sneak attack or ambush since there will be many blind spots. This is the main disadvantage of FPP since you will have a limited view.
  • FPP is a nightmare view for new players in PUBG, especially in classic mode since they don’t have a clue what’s going on or how to properly play the game. If you’re new, its best to start with TPP first as you get a handle of the gameplay.
  • If you’re not someone who is used to relying on sounds while playing then you’ll have a hard time knowing if there are other players approaching or are near you.



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Abbey Freehill

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